Our Process - Design & Remodel Specialists, Huntington Beach, CA

Our Process

At Cab-I-Net Design & Remodel Specialists, we take pride in providing superior service and added value to each one of our projects, from the initial meeting to the final project walk. The relationship with our clients are built on integrity, business ethics, and excellence in workmanship. The process of working with us has been fine-tuned over our years of experience.

Here is a step-by-step look at how we will work together:

  1. Our initial meeting is typically scheduled at your home with you and the owner of our company, Todd Adamson. Our number one goal is to actively listen to your goals and ideas and to accurately access the existing environment of your home. Together, we will discuss the design and construction process and overall budget so that we can design your new space to fit your needs. This initial appointment can also be scheduled in our showroom, dependent upon the type of project, to get better acquainted with the products and services we provide.
  2. To begin the design and estimating process, we will measure the existing structure and review the property conditions. The scope of work determines if the comprehensive plan requires either structural design or space design or a combination of both. Your second appointment will be scheduled in our showroom typically one to two weeks following your initial meeting.
  3. Your second appointment is a design and estimate presentation in our showroom. This is where we will present our design plan and provide a detailed scope of necessary construction work to meet your remodeling goals. We will present material suggestions, review and educate you if necessary on cabinet features and construction. Our computer programs will help visualize your new space and you will be able to touch and feel tile and counter top material choices. Our estimate includes a detailed description of each step of the construction process, from concrete to framing to electrical and so on. We review this with you to assure that all previous discussions regarding construction details are included in this document. This scope of work clearly describes what is included and what is excluded so that there is a clear understanding of expectations.
  4. At this point in our process it is typical to need design adjustments or additional material or appliance selections. To further our working relationship, we ask our clients to sign a retainer agreement and pay a deposit, that will be applied to the construction contract. This is to ensure we can dedicate the necessary time to each client as each project is different and some require additional design revisions or engineering in order to arrive at a complete contract.
  5. Once the designs, material choices, construction scope of work, and plans or engineering have been signed off on, it is time for our construction contract and agreement. Specifications for all details are gathered and recorded in order to complete a comprehensive job site plan. Finalizing appliance selections, plumbing fixtures, and decorative lighting is required at this point.
  6. Now the real fun begins! We will schedule a starting date and provide a generalized week by week overlook of your project. Remodeling is not a straight line from start to finish and there will always be bumps along the way, but we will communicate continually so you are prepared for each phase of the remodeling process. Starting with demolition day, we work to minimize dust and debris around your construction zone with air filtering machines and plastic barriers to protect other areas of the home.
  7. Our project manager provides a time frame and is always available to discuss the overall project. During your project, you may also contact the office at any time with questions. The owner of our company works on a daily basis with the project manager and our crews and is available for regular job progress walks so adjustments can be made if necessary. Our goal is to move your project forward at a strong but careful pace so that the end result provides each client with 100% satisfaction.
  8. Once your remodel is nearing completion, we will schedule a final job walk and create a punch list of final details that need addressing prior to final inspection.

We do our best to prepare our clients for the remodeling process and setting proper expectations is a big part of that. If we’ve done our job correctly we will have earned a customer for life.